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The sun may rise in the east at least its settled in a final location.

Blech. What a couple of days it has been. I've basically been running my ass ragged trying to deal with registration and get other responsibilities sorted out. Registration this semester has been an absolute nightmare. First of all I have only a vague sense of what I want to take in the fall. I know I want to do some psych and poli-sci stuff, of course, but beyond that I just don't know. Should I start in on literature before it's too late? I really DO want to take at least a couple lit courses before I leave college. I want to take the philosophy of psychology at some point but I'm not so sure that it would be a good idea now before I am a DEDICATED psychology major. God damn it there is so much I want to LEARN before my time here is up.

Right now I'm signed up for two poli-sci course, an intro to psych course that was highly recomended by my advisor, an anthropology class on Japan and a course on Japanese religion which I might have to drop because it has no time assigned yet. All of these are classes that I want to take (The Anthropology class will be my first seminar/colloquium and I'm excited about that!) but I'm really not enjoying 6 classes right now so realistically I should resign myself to sign up for 6 and then drop 1 for a nice 5 class schedule (Which I feel I can handle.) What makes the situation even worse is that I CAN'T take classes during my last summer at Columbia because I NEED an internship or job of some sort before I leave college. So after this summer if I take 5 classes a semester I'll only have 20 classes left in college. Not NEARLY enough.

There were some other registration problems too, like the fact that I can't seem to find a contemporary cultures class even though that's part of the REQUIRED core (Columbia just abuses me for fun since I'm in this stupid in between status. They have NO love for The Benmeister). Also my psych advisor put me in statistics for behavioral scientists before figuring out that that class would serve no purpose for me because I've already taken stat, so instead she shunted me off to a 9 am! lecture course. *sigh* 28 days of getting out of the house before 9. That blows.

I'm just not happy with my registration but I don't know what to do about it. Hopefully the classes I take over the summer will make it clearer what I want to take when the fall comes around. Do I want to do poly-sci or psychology? Something ENTIRELY different? Who do I want to BE! What do I want to do with my life? I just can't answer that question and I feel like I need to. *sigh*

Other random stuff from the week:

My Academic work was pretty horrific in class and out. I did my stats homework badly and have not made a decent comment all week. A combination of stress and dealing with this registration crap. Need to get back on the ball for the end of the semester.

I was so overtired this week that I missed a 7:00 PM meeting due to falling asleep as soon as I got home at 5. Made it to meet Diana and Paul 30 minutes late. Due to the fact that I was late AND incoherent I ended up paired with Diana for data analysis on the project while Paul and the chick who never shows up to the meeting handles the final writing. This makes me uncomfortable. I would much rather be doing the writing portion of the project than wasting away on simple computation. Plus I don't know how well Paul can actually write. ARGH. He should be the one working with Diana and I should be the one putting it all together by myself. I couldn't complain though cause I was so late.

I didn't do great on my diet this week. I didn't do TERRIBLY but I had dinner with Delores (Grandma type person) and I ate tacos and chips and other bad crap. Barely avoided desert on that one. Then the next day I had ZERO time after my advising session so I dashed over to the Lerner cafe and grabbed a water, a chicken wrap, and some pirate booty (which the register lady forgot to ring up TWICE, I had to remind her again and again, you know it's a pain in the ASS to be so honest and know that you are basically throwing away money on principle) for carbs. It was NOT a good lunch. Otherwise I've done fine but I'm afraid to get on the scale. A little while ago I was under my high school weight but when I checked after the mexican meal I was back over it. Damn it damn it damn it. I guess I'll be good this weekend and check again on sunday. I'm sure things aren't THAT terrible.

This weekend I have to read To the Lighthouse and write a paper on it (already read about 30 pages out of 200 but I'm going to read the WHOLE damned book) Start my Psychology paper, get TONS of reading done, etc's not gonna be fun. I will carve out time to relax though since I'm already going nuts.

I want to make an actually interesting/good post in this journal soon. We'll see if I have time. Until then I'm just recording the bare outline of my life at this point because I am swamped in every sense of the word.

And to make matters worse the Giants and Jets BOTH botched the draft. Fassel, Edwards, get on the ball. And Herm what the HELL were you thinking taking a DE? Are you a Nutter?

P.S. I also have to look for a psych lab for the summer, but I don't even want to THINK about that.
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