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Tearing down what we've built up so well

I didn't get my reading done today. I WILL do it tomorrow no matter what. Even if I don't get ANY sleep. This is not something I'm going to compramise on. It's a short book and I'm already well into it. I WILL complete it. So help me me.

I've been absolutely shocked and dismayed by the responses to one of my comments in Debate. Basically everyone is egalitarian to a fault and completely against formulating anything like an objective standard there. The few who will offer something close to objectivity lodge it purely in self interest (The worth of a man can be determined by what he can do for ME right now. Sickening) In Defense Of Elitism is an imperfect book but it's one that I'm glad I'm reading. It's good to dig deeply into a book that makes no wheedling attempts to qualify everyone as having the same worth and is not afraid to say things that might offend people. True there are points that are rather badly phrased or make little sense, but I'm still enjoying it. Still, maybe I should withdraw from the debate communities. The idea of being in there arguing with all those relativists and inferiority apologists just gives me the willies. Makes me feel dirty. *Sigh* I should go to sleep so I can get some work done tomorrow. Never enough hours in the day (Especially when you watch some SPECTACULARLY bad boxing on Showtime/HBO. For a couple million you'd think they could put on a half decent fight now and then. You'd be wrong for the most part.)
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