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Can't do a thing to stop me

So I went and we worked on the project. It was actually pretty fun. We spent four hours working and goofing off and although there were some annoying setbacks I have to say that it was one of the best multiperson projects I've ever worked on. She may be a girl but she acts like a real person. By that I don't mean that she acts like a man but rather that she doesn't have that fucking FAKENESS that so many women surround themselves with. Like when we couldn't find a computer she didn't start whining, and she was able to laugh both at herself and at my jokes (I make a lot of jokes while working). She did make a few comments that were sort of strange (Like "We don't work well together because we keep going off onto tangents" and "Well I hope I never have to sit in front of a computer for 4 horus straight again") but overall she bore it well and we had a good time, bickering and making jokes (She's an easy laughter, I even got a chuckle just by saying San Diego Superchargers when rattling off NFL teams) She doesn't have the late night stamina or the determination to do a really good job that I do, but realistically we'd done most of what we could and it was probably a good idea to end for the night. Overall a positive experience and one that has somewhat restored my faith in groupwork. Also my own sense of humor (Low point of my humor evening was when I had to explain pocket protectors).

A few annoying things:

Some high strung girl left her computer for a long time and a couple came in and closed her project and started using it. She came back and was pissed. It sucked because the argument was loud.

Diana and I were at the same computer so our legs kept bumping into eachother under the table. At times they would stay touching for like a minute or two. It was uncomfortable.

We found anomolies in the data twice and had to redo a lot of work.

Stata is a pain in the ass to use and Excell sucks for regressions.

Anyway it was a much better experience than I expected. Too bad the term is over and I won't see her again, she's interesting. I just hope we do well on the project. I guess it's all up to the write up team at this point. They seem like pretty smart people. Hopefully they won't fuck it up.
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