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It's harder than it seems, you slip but never fall.

Yesterday was interesting. It was the last day of discussion sections for the semester so I made sure to make a good showing. I dominated both my discussion sections at begining of the semester levels, which means making about half the comments and all on target and to the point. Definitly a good way to close things out.

After my anthro Discussion section I had a pretty long talk with a guy about his "White Anti-Racist Group" and how I thought it was sort of silly to have an anti-racism league that only invited white people to participate. We had a long discussion and it came down to my saying that there is no homogenous white experience just like there's no homogenous black experience or asian experience etc. He said there was because of white power structures. What do people think?

After school I went to a play with my mother. In addition to eating WAY too much (Not a big deal since I found out that I actually HAD lost a good deal of weight and was just retaining water which I dropped 4.5 pounds of after writing that whiney post about stabalized weight loss) we saw "The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare: Abridged." It was sophomoric and it had audience participation which I HATE but it wasn't terrible. There was one guy who had this really fun sort of stoner/slacker voice/attitude that was hilarious and charismatic. I bet he'll be on to bigger and better things eventually.

One weird thing about the show was that the big banner out front had a different set of actors on it. When you change casts change the damned banner. That's just unprofessional.

It was actually a rather pleasant evening. My mother somehow managed to stave off her nuttiness and we talked like human beings. I saw her office which was pretty nice, and had some pictures of me and a painting I did when I was 4 that had 1886 instead of 1986 on it.

I learned some stuff about my father. When I was 3 and in pre-school the owner was arrested for dealing drugs in the basement of the school and they were going to shut it down, so my dad took it over despite being chairman of a major department at an ivy league university at the time. The man was a TIRELESS worker. I'll never be able to live up to his example in that way. Never be able to just put EVERYTHING on my shoulders and run with it. *sigh* that makes me sad. She still can't talk about him for extended periods of time but at least I gleaned a little bit of new information to add to my decaying mosaic of his life and who he was. A little addition to a rotting portrait.

Today I have to do psych studying and the takehome portion of the exam. I have NO desire to since I'm already in vacation mode but I'll make myself. At least I hope I will. I NEED to get decent grades or this semester will be a waste despite the weight loss. It's not like I made any social contacts or anything. I never found time to research a lab position either. I'm such a fucking loser/slacker. I really need to improve.
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