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Here in the shell of a sun we echo on

Well I've been doing some olympic quality procrastination I must say. I started my anthropology paper on tuesday and this morning I deleted the whole thing because It just wasn't working. I haven't done much BUT the anthropology either. I have 2 pages of the much better new paper and I should get it done, but I wasted 2 days. Oh well, not like it's the first time or like it will be the last. At least I'm a little more relaxed.

Found out that my actual Japanese History paper due date is Thursday which is nice. Should definitly help me out a little in terms of giving me more breathing room. I want to do a good job on that but with more than 24 hours and only 10 pages to write that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Right now I'm focused on anthro and Lit Hum exam. I don't think I'll study much for the exam, I shouldn't need to and it's not all that helpful. The big nasty day is monday, dealing with a psych paper and my 9 AM justice exam.I NEED to get my psych paper started tomorrow at least the reading. I'll be so glad when it's DONE.

Anyway I should get back to my anthro paper but before I do I want to list some random events that have occured:

Even though I went off my diet and didn't pay attention at all to what I was eating since school ended I still dropped a pound. Looks like The Zone has changed my eating habits so radically that even when I'm not paying attention I can still maintain my weight or even lose a little. I'll be really working on my weight over the summer but I'm glad that I won't have to makeup ground I'd already covered. It'll be nice to start a little LOWER than when I left off rather than having slid back up.

On a similar note I found a GREAT new flavor of balance bar which has lifted my spirits alot. It tastes like a brownie...a REAL one, and it's something to look forward to. Okay I'll shut up about this stuff.

I was a little premature in my statements that I'd never talk to Diana again. We had a stat review today and though I sat far away from her (because we tend to chat when sitting near) we ended up heading up to get homework together and then chatting outside the gates of barnard for about an hour. She gave me a lesson in European geography which was pretty interesting. Did you know that Prague is its own city seperate from Berlonparrodrid? You learn something new every day. Fascinating. Anyway we sort of ran out of things to talk about and ended up discussing geography for awhile which was weird but I have to admit it was nice to prolong the time until we never speak again. She's definitly a cool person, any girl who would make a pigeon slaughter joke is Jake in my book. Anyway we're meeting again on monday to study for the test so there will be one more chunk of time before two roads diverge and we march off in opposite directions. Not a huge deal but a nice little pick me up.

I should really get to work on my paper. I have it in my head but I'm having trouble getting it through my fingers onto the page. That's okay though, I have faith in myself. I feel good right now, which is nice. I think I'll be okay with these finals...and overall. That is if I didn't catch some horrible disease from Diana (she's sick and I spent an hour talking to wonders why she stood out in the fairly chilly air for an hour). But I'm optimistic to believe that that didn't happen.

Now, For Kawah's amusement, Hi-HO! HI-HO! It's off to work I go.
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