Mistakes were made

It had been a long day and I'd spent the majority of it outside shooting footage. I was sweaty and sore. I had anticipated this, however, and I'd stopped by a pharmacy to pick up sunscreen and Gold Bond Medicated Powder. The latter was something I'd never tried, but that I'd seen others use and that is supposed to relieve some of the itchiness and chafing after a long sweaty day.

On the package it says "For best results dry skin thoroughly before applying." I read that. "I don't need best results" I thought. "Just decent ones." And so I took a handful of the stuff and smeared it in the appropriate places.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Apparently, and I read multiple reports of this on the Amazon.com review and other places, if you apply Gold Bond to sweaty wet skin it feels like YOU ARE ON FIRE. It burns with an unholy ferocity. I thought this might be a short term issue as the stuff dries up the sweat, but it's not. It burns and burns and burns some more. My balls weren't actually on fire. They just felt like they were.

After about 30 minutes of agony (I probably should have jumped in the shower, but the thought of adding MORE water to this situation did not thrill me.) the burning died down. And this morning my skin is nice and dry and soft. But apparently the best time to apply Gold Bond is after a shower and after you have THOROUGHLY dried your skin. I will be keeping that in mind. In fact that's one of those things that I do not think I will EVER forget.
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This editorial pisses me off to no end. Its basic claim is that Monica Goodling deserved her position because the evangelical schools are now churning out a lot of people who go into government work. Except that everyone who pointed out that Goodling was grossly underqualified admitted that a lot of Regent students got hired by the White House. THEIR point was that this is total bullshit. The story also makes gross factual errors, like claiming that Goodling's peers grew up with Bush as their president. She was 27, maybe 26, when he came into office.

Goodling is a worm and a lawbreaker who turned on little girl charm in front of the cameras to escape getting in trouble. She's just the sort of two-faced person I would expect to go from Regent to the White House. She's opportunistic, dishonest, and not that bright. The fact that she isn't being nailed to the wall is a travesty, because it shows how far blonde hair and a girly performance can go in this day and age of television politics.

She admitted to being venal and sexist and she's getting a pass because she has a vagina and is presentable.
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The Casbah needs SERIOUS rocking.

If a sitcom writer thought this up he would be accused of hackdom

Mullah1: He's gone too far! Kissing the gloved hand of his teacher! It's pornographic!
Mullah2: I agree. We must crack down on women. Send a message that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. How's your new wife?
Mullah1: Not so great. She cries during sex and is stubborn as an ox. I had to beat her 3 times this week.
Mullah2: Women are truly a burden. Perhaps you should divorce her.
Mullah1: I don't want to be hasty. She should be given a little more time. After all, she's only 12.
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The Internets have failed me

Both Circuit City and Bestbuy have pimped out their "Order online, pickup in store" services on television, web, and radio commercials. In theory it's an awesome idea. Shop on the web, with numerous research and price comparison options available, and then pickup in a store, thus avoiding the hassle of shipping (Costs, delays, etc...)

In reality the service fucking sucks. I've tried to buy things via the order online pickup in store service about 5-6 times now, and I've never succeeded. Why? Because the best value items online are NEVER in stock in the stores. It's like some sort of bizarre conspiracy. Whether I'm looking for a camera, a monitor, or, now, a printer, any good product that Bestbuy or Circuit City has a decent price on will be a web only special or out of stock in all my local stores. I live in New York City, so I have a LOT of local stores.

The internet revolution is/was supposed to streamline distribution and make retail shopping more convenient. It's done this via mail-order products, through stores like Amazon and Newegg.com. But when it comes to integrating the best aspects of the Internet and B&M shopping, well, it hasn't happened yet. Best Buy is happy to sell me a top-rated printer if I'm willing to have it shipped to me, or a piece of absolute shit if I want to go pick it up, but the twain just aren't meeting.
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I had a really busy week, including having my cellphone smashed to bits. A lot of mildly amusing stuff happened, the most amusing of which was probably when I was talking to this woman and a guy she knew came up and started hitting on her, including pulling profiles from both GQ and Esquire out of his pockets. He might as well have just pointed to her crotch and said "I want to go there."

Then he did just that.

She's married, by the way.

I am SO important.

Over the last few weeks at work I have been helping to put together a newsletter for the place I'm working. I've written articles, rewritten articles, edited, captioned, and managed sensitive egos. Just about the only things I didn't do were pick the pictures and write in the names of the authors. Today the proofs came back from the printer and my boss asked me to look at them for potential problems. There was only one, a typo that isn't important enough to be worth holding up the printing to fix.

My name was misspelled.

I can feel the love.
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My roommate has his friend, a woman from Japan, staying here for the next week or so. He will be staying at his girlfriend's house. So for all intents and purposes my 6'4" Italian roommie is transforming into a 5'0" Japanese woman. I'm relatively nonplussed, but I will have to make sure to wear pants at all times except in my room with a closed door. Maybe I should tie a string around my finger.
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